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Universal Animal M-Stak 21 Packs

Universal Animal M-Stak 21 Packs


DETAILS For many of us, difficulty wasn\'t the first reaction to weightlifting, which helped us rapidly transform our bodies and lifestyle. The challenge came when our growth stagnated. And our profits are plateauing. For many, this turning point is the moment when the life of training has come to an unceremonious end. But not for us. For those few who were too enamored with the iron to just walk away, we made serious efforts to break that plateau. This urge inspired the Animal brothers to formulate the highly anabolic M-Stak.


What is anabolic? Muscle building and the processes that put us on the path to new growth... protein synthesis. nitrogen retention nutrient breakdown. What is Animal M-Stak? A natural, non-hormonal supplement for the most stubborn of hardgainers. From green beginners to die-hard vets, we\'ve all been through it - the standing still, our progress is plateauing. Can\'t gain another pound, training is outdated, lifts are static. This is Hardgainer Syndrome, and from the leanest ectomorphs to the muscular endomorphs, we\'ve all been there. Desperate to start new growth, we will try almost anything. For those of us so devoted to the iron game, those moments of frustration have come to an end in the form of Animal M-Stak. M-Stak is based on natural anabolic flavones from Eastern European sports studies. These particular flavones have long been theoretically believed to help target muscle mass gains. M-Stak combines the most potent of these anabolic compounds in significant dosages, making the product\'s long-lasting anabolic potential all the greater. Primary among these flavones are beta-ecdysterone (cyanotis vaga) and 5-methyl-γ-methoxyisoflavone. These ingredients have the ability to target nutrients toward lean mass accumulation, a process known as "nutrient breakdown."

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