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Increases calorie intake 66g carbohydrates/100g 22g protein/100g Made in Germany Ideal for beginners  The Power Weight Gainer is the right choice to support the following goals: Facilitate a high-calorie diet building more mus...
Having problems with the gains? Not getting down all those calories you need to grow? Then "GAIN now EASY WITH INCREASY" With Increasy we have of course remained true to our credo #sinob. The main sources of energy here are not...
A balanced ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats and an optimal combination of different protein sources make the Olimp Profi Mass an indispensable sports nutrition in the build-up phase.Carbohydrates and proteins for muscl...
IngredientsNutrition Chart Chocolate average nutritional values Portion* calorific value 5469 kJ (1290 kcal) fat 4 g - hereof: saturated fatty acids 2 g cholesterol 75 mg carbohydrat...