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Entry-level solution with solid tubular steel frame.Two welded angle brackets made of square tube, powder-coated surface in anthracite metallic. Baffle plate made of MDF.25 mm thick, Ø approx. 60 cm, untreated.Incl. fixing set ...
Box wall apparatus in an extra-sturdy design.Surface high-quality powder-coated in anthracite metallic. Baffle plate made of solid MDF board, 30 mm thick, Ø approx. 66 cm, untreated. Guide rail 25 x 90 cm for height adjustment ...
EVERLAST BOXBIRNE SPEED BAG KANGAROOProfessional punching ball for training fast punching techniques,accuracy and concentration. Made from premium kangaroo leather.Technical details:- Ultra-light punching barrel for the fastest...
For interval and reflex training.PSTearProof material, including two elastic and length-adjustable suspensions.For a ceiling height of approx. 2.50m.Ø 23 cm
For interval and reflex training.Best leather, with valve bladder made of latex and patent valve. With extra stable and newly developed, elastic fastening straps for room heights of up to approx. 2.50 m.Ø approx. 22cm
Movable special attachment that does not have to be anchored in the ground and can be assembled and disassembled in just a few simple steps. The large bottom weight made of tear-resistant nylon can be filled and keeps the ancho...
New double-ended ball: Shaped and sewn in the Mexican style.Made of handmade quality leather, with latex bladder and patent valve. With extra stable and newly developed, elastic fastening straps for room heights of up to approx...
EVERLAST DOUBLE ENDBALL LEATHERTrain your endurance, reaction and speed. Available in different diameters for individual training.Details:- High quality leather- Dual ball design for targeted shots.- Round, concise shape to dev...
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ST version, nickel-plated, for "fast running" of speedballs.
The BenLee "Rocky Marciano" Power Spin Boxing Trainer is a free-standing boxing pear with an integrated and rotating boxing bar. This is perfect for training precision and reaction speed. This is a solid build, starting with th...
An absolute innovation. The Hydro Air punching bag is filled with air and water and thus ensures a unique punching feeling. The inner part of the punching bag is inflated with air using the enclosed pump. After that, the outer ...
Cylindrical standing punching bag made from PSTearProof material with a foam core on a solid plastic base. No annoying construction, can be easily moved around the room. Base can be filled with sand, according to the instructio...
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