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Triceps trainer diagonal in chrome

Triceps trainer diagonal in chrome


Triceps trainer diagonal in chrome

Define your upper arms: With the triceps trainer Diagonal in chrome

The triceps trainer Diagonal in chrome from Gorilla Sports trains not only the triceps but also the biceps. Its slanted handles enable two grip variants, with which you can put different loads on your upper arm muscles.

Power for your upper arm muscles - with the triceps trainer diagonal in chrome

With the chrome-plated triceps trainer Diagonal from Gorilla Sports, you can expand your home gym with studio-quality accessories that you can use to effectively strengthen your upper arms. You can also find the right weight plates at Gorilla Sports.

All features of the triceps trainer diagonal:

  • Is finished in high-quality chrome plating with knurled handle and a marking
  • Own weight: 12 kg
  • Maximum load: 200 kg
  • Inner handle dimension: 45 cm
  • Recording area per side: 20 cm
  • Dimensions: 86.5 x 18 cm
  • Suitable for weight plates with a hole diameter of 31 mm
  • Contains two star locks to securely fix the panes

Worth knowing about the training of the upper arms

The musculature of the upper arm consists of one third of the biceps and two thirds of the triceps behind them. Since the workout with the triceps trainer primarily strengthens the three-headed triceps, the circumference of your upper arms increases.

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