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Chrome push up stand bar

Chrome push up stand bar


Chrome push up stand bar

For push-ups: Chrome push-up stand bar by Gorilla Sports

Push-ups are more fun with the right equipment: the chrome push-up stand bar from Gorilla Sports allows you to keep your wrists straight when training push-ups. This is more comfortable and relieves the joints. Another advantage of using the stable push-up handles is the greater range of motion from the top reversal point to the floor. This results in more effective training - with the same amount of time! The handles are chrome-plated and fitted with non-slip grips. Rubber caps on the feet protect the floor.

The rest of the data:

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 19 x 15 x 9 cm
  • Length of grip surface: approx. 10.5 cm
  • Scope of delivery 2 pieces
  • Maximum load: 200 kg
  • Net weight per handle: 400 g

Push-up variants for more variety and effectiveness

The chrome push-up stand bar is suitable for many different types of push-ups. In addition to normal push-ups with your hands next to your shoulders, you can use it to train the popular diamond push-ups with a tight hand position or extra-wide push-ups. The handles also provide a good grip for asymmetrical push-ups with one arm close to the body and the other stretched out to the side. Further variations arise by deliberately aligning the push-up grips lengthwise or crosswise.

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