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Pitbull Westcoast T-Shirt "Man in hat"

Pitbull Westcoast T-Shirt "Man in hat"


Made from high quality cotton weighing 190gsm Middleweight Classic Series 100% cotton large woven patch on the bottom of the t-shirt The Middleweight Classic Series features classic fashion cuts and bold bold patterns. Models from this collection are made of cotton with a weight of 190 g / m2. This is the most universal and suitable for all purposes.



S                             70 CM                         48 CM
M                             72 CM                         53 CM
L                             76 CM                         55 CM
XL                             80 CM                         59 CM
XXL                             82 CM                         62 CM
3XL                             83 CM                         65 CM
+/-1 CM  


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