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Pitbull Westcoast Mesh "Boxing"

Pitbull Westcoast Mesh "Boxing"


Pit Bull West Coast Rashguard T-Shirt Mesh


Made from the highest quality polyamide fibers with elastic yarn.
A much finer blend of fabrics than is usual on the market.
Thermoactive and breathable, which perfectly removes heat from the skin and creates a pleasant feeling of coolness.

A fabric with a 4-way stretch system that stretches in all directions without creasing.
High compression for better muscle support.
For all sports and physical activity.
For long and hard training both indoors and outdoors



- Mesh inserts for even better ventilation
- Material composition: 80% nylon / 20% elastane



S                             70 CM                         48 CM
M                             72 CM                         53 CM
L                             76 CM                         55 CM
XL                             80 CM                         59 CM
XXL                             82 CM                         62 CM
3XL                             83 CM                         65 CM
+/-1 CM  


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