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Olimp Protein Snack, 12 x 60 g

Olimp Protein Snack, 12 x 60 g


  • Olimp Protein Snack - what is it?

    No more unhealthy sweets! No more annoying cravings! Olimp Protein Snack is a complete, healthy protein snack that allows you to diversify your daily diet and provide valuable nutrients. do you train Do you pay attention to a healthy diet? Olimp Protein Snack is what you need! The crispy waffle is an excellent source of healthy calories, quality protein and fiber. Olimp Protein Snack also contains a small amount of sugar and the content of polyols is 7.5 g.

    This product, unique on the market, is ideal both before and after training. This is a Dream Cheat Meal that gives your muscles a hearty dose of protein - their most important building block!

    And that\'s not all! The taste of Olimp Sport Nutrition protein snacks will win you over. With every bite of the crunchy chocolate covered wafer you will feel the sensational taste of hazelnut cream or delicious chocolate! Don\'t you think so? Grab Olimp Protein Snack! This is a real treat for your taste buds and a reward after a hard workout!

    Olimp Protein Snack – composition

    The specialists of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories developed the composition of this unique, full-value snack Olimp Protein Snack, the formula of which is based on a protein blend in the form of a mixture of high-quality collagen hydrolyzate and whey protein concentrate WPC. Both sources are characterized by different absorption and digestion kinetics.

    In addition to the basic component of our daily diet, protein, the Olimp Sport Nutrition protein snack should not be without valuable dietary fiber. In addition, the unique crunchy waffle (60g) contains only 1g of sugar! It\'s really not much, that\'s why people who want to lose weight or who are diabetic can successfully include this protein snack from Olimp in their diet.

    Olimp Protein Snack will make you forget about unhealthy sweets! This is a safe, wholesome and tasty snack tested by scientists from the Olimp Labs Research and Development Center in terms of microbiological and physico-chemical aspects. When you reach for a crunchy chocolate-covered cookie, you can rest assured that you\'re providing your body with a dose of healthy calories while also adding variety to your daily, often monotonous, diet.

    Olimp Protein Snack - effects and properties of the protein snack

    Each of the great-tasting Olimp Protein Snack (60g) snacks contain up to 19g of protein. Proteins contribute to the increase and maintenance of muscle mass. The combination of the above collagen hydrolyzate with whey protein concentrate enables the delivery of a specific portion of high-quality protein with different absorption times, making it easier to supplement the diet with the important building block of muscles. The protein snack is also a source of fiber.

    Olimp Protein Snack is a perfect dietary supplement for people building muscle mass, as well as for those who want to lose weight and get rid of excess weight through physical activity. Olimp Protein Snack is also a great snack that diversifies the menu, as well as a delicious cheat meal for diabetics, as the sugar content in each of Olimp\'s crunchy snacks is low.

    If you choose the Olimp Protein Snack, you can expect the following:

    • A hearty serving of quality protein and healthy calories
    • Dietary supplement with proteins and fiber
    • Support for building or maintaining muscle mass (thanks to protein)
    • A convenient, small, healthy snack that adds variety to your daily diet

    Who is the Olimp Protein Snack suitable for?

    The protein snack Olimp Protein Snack was developed for physically active people who value healthy eating. You can take this delicious protein cookie with you on a weekend hike, a morning jog or an evening bike ride. The protein waffle is also ideal:

    • For people who practice strength and endurance sports (e.g. CrossFit)
    • As a snack before or after training
    • As an alternative to sweets, especially for diabetics
    • As a delicious Dream Cheat Meal

    Choosing a protein snack Olimp Protein Snack, it should be borne in mind that the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand product cannot be treated as a substitute for a balanced diet, but only as a supplement. Excessive consumption can have a laxative effect.

    Allergy Note:

    May contain eggs and tree nuts (nuts).


    Can have a laxative effect if consumed to excess.


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