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Olimp Gladiator Bar, 15 x 60 g Riegel

Olimp Gladiator Bar, 15 x 60 g Riegel


Is it possible for a protein bar to actually replace unhealthy sweets?

Of course, and here\'s the proof - the Gladiator High Protein Bar from Olimp Sport Nutrition!

We all know it. Fancy something sweet but actually we are working on our best form. As reluctant as we are to do without, there is always the thought of a small sin. That\'s why Olimp has just the thing for you and your cravings.

High protein, low sugar and a real chocolate coating. The bar not only has great values, but also tastes incredibly delicious.

Whether you prefer white chocolate, raspberry or caramel. From now on you don\'t have to do without anymore. Replace unhealthy chocolate bars with the Gladiator High Protein Bar. It also fits into your diet.

Notice:can have a laxative effect if consumed to excess.
Allergy Note:May contain traces of eggs, peanuts, tree nuts (nuts) and sesame seeds.

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