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Olimp B12 Forte, 30 capsules

Olimp B12 Forte, 30 capsules


B12 Forte Biokomplex is a dietary supplement containing a high amount of vitamin B12 and enriched with a composition of vitamins and minerals that have a positive effect on the hematopoietic system.

*Vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid help maintain normal homocysteine metabolism. Homocysteine is a factor that determines the state of the cardiovascular system. Folic acid contributes to normal blood production, while calcium contributes to its normal clotting. Iron supports the normal production of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Vitamin E is involved in protecting cells from oxidative stress.

The product is intended as a dietary supplement that helps maintain normal homocysteine levels. It is recommended for adults who wish to maintain normal cardiovascular and hematopoietic function.

Product highlights:

  • Combination preparation for the general improvement of vitality
  • Reduces oxidative, nitrosative stress and improves brain and nerve performance
  • Improves cell division/renewal
  • 500 and B12, 400 and folic acid, 10 mg Vitamin E
  • 120 mg Calcium (Albion/Chelatverbindung)
  • 7 mg iron
  • Pharmaceutical quality

Consumption recommendation:

1 capsule daily, during or after a meal or at another time after consultation with your doctor.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended.

The product should not be used in case of hypersensitivity to any of the product components.

Nutrition table:

  1 Haircut
Vitamin B12 500 µg (20000 %*)
Vitamin B6 3 mg (214 %*)
Folsäure 400 µg (200 %*)
Vitamin E 10 mg (83.3 %*)
Calcium (from calcium amino acid chelate Albion and calcium carbonate) 120 mg (15 %*)
Iron (from Iron Amino Acid Chelate Ferrochel) 7 mg (50 %*)

*NRV - nutrient reference value according to LMIV.


Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Bisglycinate (Calcium Amino Acid Chelate Albion, TRAACS), Cyanocobalamin - Vit. B12, Bulking Agent - Microcrystalline Cellulose; Iron (II) bisglycinate (iron amino acid chelate Ferrochel, TRAACS), DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate - vit. E, release agents - magnesium salts of fatty acids; Pyridoxine hydrochloride - Vit. B6, pteroylmonoglutamic acid - folic acid, capsule (gelatin, color - E 171).

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