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  • Fat burner - extremely powerful formula for weight loss + diet
  • Lipid metabolism agents Synephrine VitaCholine™ & Carnipure™
  • For the maximum shredded look - Made in Germany


You will be billed at the beach! That\'s why we give everything for the ultimate shredded look! You too? Then get your fat burner diet up to speed. Supplement your balanced diet in a calorie deficit with the HARDCORE version of our sensational product LIPO 100. For more than ten years, the innovative capsules have been the answer when it comes to positive effects on muscle definition. Convince yourself of high-quality fat metabolism active ingredients such as VitaCholine™ and Carnipure™. Plant extracts and a high caffeine content make you sweat during your hardcore workout and your muscles literally scream. GET FIT AND SHREDDED! NOW!


The LIPO 100 HARDCORE is the perfect choice to support the following goals:

  • Support in the fat loss process
  • muscle definition
  • Increase in endurance performance


For whom is the Lipo 100 HARDCORE suitable:

  • For the fitness and figure conscious
  • For strength and endurance athletes
  • For people who want to boost their fat metabolism
  • For athletes who strive for the shredded look
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