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Pull-up bar for door frames

Pull-up bar for door frames


Pull-up bar for door frames

The pull-up bar for door frames in detail

If you have little space at home, in your own four walls, then this pull-up bar is simply ideal for you. Thanks to the stable screw cap, you can easily attach it to any door frame, as the width of the rod changes when you screw it. As soon as it sits securely in the frame, you can start your training immediately.

The facts of your new pull-up bar:

  • Suitable door frame width (internal dimensions): 68 - 94 cm
  • Infinitely adjustable from 62 - 100 cm
  • Colour: black / chrome silver
  • Dimensions (LxHxW): 620 x 45 x 45 mm

What else should you know about the door frame pull-up bar?

The high-quality, chrome-plated steel rod has a diameter of approx. 3.5 to 4 cm. Hand pads are attached to the bar to protect your hands from slipping or blistering. Please note: The maximum load capacity is 95 kg with the screw connection and 70 kg without the screw connection. Another smart way to use your pull-up bar is the possibility of hanging other devices - such as punching bags - without annoying and dirty screws. This allows you to quickly move from one exercise to the next. Your body will thank you!

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