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FA Nutrition Pancake -1Kg

FA Nutrition Pancake -1Kg


All new protein pancakes from FA Nutrition!


Product highlights:


  • Delicious and nutritious
  • A quick and healthy alternative to a regular meal
  • Easy to prepare and consume!


SO GOOD! PROTEIN® PANCAKESare protein pancakes made from rolled oats, oat flour, whey protein and egg protein, as well as other natural nutrients like freeze-dried fruits.

Oatmeal is very nutritious and healthy. They contain high-quality carbohydrates, vegetable proteins, unsaturated fats and vitamins B1, B3 and E, as well as zinc, iron and calcium. Compared to other grains, oatmeal contains the most insoluble fiber, which lowers levels of bad LDL cholesterol and cleans blood vessels. Oat grain contains about 30% dietary fiber. Its unique value is based on the special beta-glucan fraction, which is not soluble in water. SO GOOD PROTEIN® PANCAKES are enriched with protein from whey and eggs. In addition, we use freeze-dried fruits, which are a perfect source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Antioxidants are necessary to scavenge and neutralize harmful free radicals.


SO GOOD PROTEIN® PANCAKES Contain no aspartame!

SO GOOD PROTEIN® PANCAKES can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner or whenever you need a complete nutritious meal such as after a workout. They can be served warm or cold and they are easy to take with you to work, school or when travelling. If you are an athlete or an active person, our protein pancakes will be your source of protein, carbohydrates and other nutrients whenever and wherever you need them. They\'re healthy, light, and low in calories, making them perfect for dieting. They\'re high in protein, low in calories, and thanks to all their fiber, they\'ll keep you hungry for hours. Now you only need a few minutes to prepare a plate of delicious and nutritious pancakes.SO GOOD PROTEIN® PANCAKESare delicious oat pancakes that should have their place in the diet of every active person concerned about healthy eating. Prepare these delicious pancakes and serve them to your family as a healthy and nutritious breakfast.


How to improve the nutritional value and taste of oat pancakes:


  • Brush them with natural honey or peanut butter.
  • Pour maple syrup, fruit puree or natural yoghurt over them.
  • Add fresh fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries), dark chocolate or nuts and almonds.
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