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Body Attack Tribulus Extreme - 80 Caps

Body Attack Tribulus Extreme - 80 Caps


Body Attack Tribulus Extreme is of pure high quality and contains 90 percent saponins, of which 22 percent are protodioscins: two valuable substances in weight training that anyone can take as a dietary supplement.
The maxi capsule contains 1000 mg Tribulus Terrestris. Of these, 900 mg are saponins with 220 mg protodioscin.

In addition, the formula of Body Attack Tribulus Extreme has been supplemented with other valuable nutrients: zinc and vitamin B5. Zinc can contribute to maintaining normal testosterone levels in the blood and to normal protein synthesis.

The athlete supplements a sensibly balanced and protein-rich diet with the secondary plant extracts saponin and protodioscin. Both substances are classified as plant steroids because they have the same structure. Just like the amino acids, they are assigned a nitrogenous compound and they belong to the glucosides.

Legumes also contain small amounts of glucosides, such as beans or lentils. In addition to important essential amino acids, these contain saponins and protodioscin, both nitrogen compounds that are important for humans.

The body is not able to form nitrogen, but needs it for protein metabolism. A deficiency in this substance causes it to lose more muscle protein than it can build.

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With a negative nitrogen balance, the bodybuilder is hardly able to build up enough muscle mass. It is therefore necessary to include legumes in the diet again and again and/or to supplement the daily food intake with Body Attack Tribulus Extreme.

This is relatively easy and convenient to use, because it is enough to take one capsule of Body Attack Tribulus Extreme with a meal and some water.

Legumes also contain a lot of vegetable proteins, which are important in the building phase of muscles. Every athlete can eat a balanced diet with beans or lentils to get and stay fit.

If he is on a diet before a competition, it is advisable to compensate for the resulting unbalanced diet with the Body Attack B vitamin complex.

This means that there are no deficiency symptoms and vitamin B6, folic acid and pantothenic acid have a positive effect on the metabolism of amino acids and steroid hormones or vitamin D. These support and complement the Body Attack Tribulus Extreme capsules.


Content: 80 capsules

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