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Blackline 2.0 Zink Chelapro 60 Kapsel

Blackline 2.0 Zink Chelapro 60 Kapsel


Zinc is one of the 24 essential micronutrients you need to survive.

While a deficiency won\'t kill you right now, it can drag your performance and well-being down quite a bit.
Deficiency symptoms are, for example, dry skin, a weak immune system, increased susceptibility to infections, anemia, severe fatigue, testosterone deficiency (in men and women) etc.

Zinc is also found in numerous foods; oysters, for example, have a very high zinc content. However, to effectively prevent deficiencies, one would have to eat at least 5 oysters AND a day. If you want that and have the money, let it be. For everyone else without an extreme seafood fetish, zinc supplementation is a tried and tested remedy.

This is particularly recommended for athletes, as zinc is lost through sweat. And since training is usually associated with increased sweating (unless it\'s the yoga Maaastaaclaaaass or Hallenhalma), the need for zinc also increases.

Since zinc is very difficult for the body to absorb, it is advisable to take zinc bisglycinate, which has a very high bioavailability. That\'s why this is the shape we use for our zinc capsules. Each capsule contains 25mg of zinc, providing you with the optimal dose to ensure that zinc deficiency does not become your business.

Our capsules contain only pharmaceutical grade Zinc Bisglycinate. They are gluten and lactose free. Thanks to the capsule shell made of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, they can also be taken without any problems on a vegan diet (for which zinc supplementation is absolutely recommended). Because #shitisnotourbusiness!

This is how you take Zinc Chelapro 60 vegan capsules correctly:

One capsule daily

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