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Blackline 2.0 VEGGY + VEGAN PROTEIN 900G

Blackline 2.0 VEGGY + VEGAN PROTEIN 900G


Our aim was to bring out a vegan protein powder that is not only sustainable and animal-friendly, but also tastes great. And there it is: our Veggy+! Without soy, without aluminum packaging, without plastic spoons, but with 100% taste! For unrepentant enjoyment all along the line!


The highlights of our vegan protein

  • Ca. 70% Protein pro 100g Pulver 
  • Over 20g BCAAs per 100g protein
  • Rice protein, pea protein and added vegan BCAAs (corn)
  • Packaging without spoon & without aluminum
  • Four super tasty varieties
  • Optimal solubility
  • Great consistency

Veggy+ veganes Mehrkomponentenprotein made in Germany!

Our vegan interpretation of a perfect protein! 100% vegetable, of course. Veggy+ helps you to exploit the full potential of your muscles. With our plant-protein formula (rice and peas & BCAAs from corn) specially developed for vegans, we have managed to create a delicious and protein-rich vegan protein shake that has what it takes to accompany you every day from now on.

Perfect down to the packaging

As with all our products, we use a product from Austria for the packaging. Because we don\'t have our raw materials travel thousands of miles just to save a few cents. In addition, we do not include a spoon, because our customers are usually repeat offenders and accumulate masses of plastic waste in their kitchen in the form of spoons within a very short time. For this reason we have decided not to include any plastic spoons and instead to print the dosage instructions for tablespoons and teaspoons - a stroke of genius ;). But that\'s just how we are. Modest and innovative ;)!


We have two more special features before we continue with the content. We have a super easy-to-open bag that closes just as quickly and easily thanks to our aerospace fastener. Last but not least: we do not use aluminum in our Veggy+ bags. As a result, the bags are 100% recyclable, unlike the cardboard boxes and bags of the competition, and do not become an unnecessary burden on the environment.

  • Ideal for vegan fitness & leisure athletes
  • Extra added vegan BCAA\'s for a perfect aminogram
  • High biological value
  • 100% quality from Germany
  • Best solubility and optimum consistency
  • Vegan multi-component protein

Protein with great solubility and the best taste

A protein must primarily provide a lot of protein. Our Veggy+ provides around 20g protein per 30g shake.

But in addition to the high protein content, another point is crucial: the taste.

Our vegan protein is currently available in 4 delicious flavors and more will follow.

Each of the four delicious varieties is sweetened without added sugar and of course without aspartame.

  • Pleasant restrained taste
  • No effect on the calorie balance
  • No bitter aftertaste
  • Great mouthfeel (keyword: sandy)

Why no soy protein?

To be honest, our Veggy+ would have been ready for the market much faster if we had used soy. However, we deliberately decided against it, not because of the many myths surrounding the topic of soy and hormones, etc., but much more because we understood that vegans are one thing above all: sustainable.

The cultivation of soybeans is many things, but not sustainable. Since we use several components for Veggy+, it is not even necessary to choose soy as a basis. For a balanced diet, it is always better to consume different protein sources, as this increases the value.

Rice Protein, Pea Protein Isolate & Vegan Bcaas?

By combining the highest quality, vegan protein sources, we have succeeded in creating a particularly high biological value. Each of the protein sources we use has its own advantages, which can multiply wonderfully in this special combination. By adding the vegan BCAA (mino acids) we have an optimal and above all complete aminogram.

Digestive problems are 80s

Our Veggy+ combines the best vegan protein sources for an optimal amino acid ratio. Our vegan protein is hypoallergenic and lactose free, which also makes it a perfect protein for anyone who cannot tolerate regular proteins.

Why is Veggy+ ideal for allergy sufferers?

Since we do not use soy, lactose or nuts, our vegan multi-component protein is particularly suitable for most allergy sufferers.

We would like to point out on the packaging and on the labels that can be downloaded prior to purchase that production-related minimal traces could still be included. So if you are severely allergic, talking to our hotline or your doctor could be a good idea.

This is how you take Veggy + Vegan Protein correctly:

30g of powder in 300ml of water

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