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Blackline 2.0 Juicy Isolate 1kg

Blackline 2.0 Juicy Isolate 1kg


Juicy Isolate


Our fruity, fresh Juicy Isolate consists of 93 to 96% (depending on taste) high-quality processed whey protein isolate, provides you with up to 83g of protein per 100g and comes in a 1000g bag


Fruity, fresh taste:


As you know it from us, we didn\'t skimp on the taste either. So in 4 super refreshing, fruity varieties. You are spoiled for choice between iced tea peach, cherry, tropical and mango. All perfectly soluble and delicious, of course.




Our Juicy Whey contains all the essential amino acids (EAAs) your body needs for optimal protein synthesis.


Ideal for the diet and a sensitive stomach:


Our Juicy Isolate contains almost no fat and no carbohydrates, but provides up to 25 g of good usable protein per serving, so that it is ideal for the diet phase. Our Juicy is also a successful alternative to normal whey for people with sensitive stomachs, lactose intolerance and vegetarians, as it only contains traces of lactose.

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