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Blackline 2.0 DIESDAS Booster 500g

Blackline 2.0 DIESDAS Booster 500g


Awaken the Saiyan - Rico\'s DiesDas Booster gives you the unbelievable pump and bulging veins!


"Hey guys, what\'s up, there\'s a lot going on with me and I\'ve developed this super awesome training booster with my sponsor Blacklinetwo. I take it before every workout and then always have optimal energy and a mega pump." (RICO QUOTE)

In Son Goku\'s fight against Jiren, both opponents lost a lot of blood. Through mysterious circumstances, some samples of this got into our #sinob laboratories. After countless attempts, we succeeded in analyzing and artificially producing the substances contained. The result is our DiesDas booster, with the power of the Saiyans to make each of your workouts legendary. Active ingredients for the ultimate pump, paired with the perfect focus and ingredients that raise your regeneration to a level with Cell\'s abilities, are the trademark of this booster. As always, of course, in the optimal dosage for maximum benefit, in the usual #sinob quality. While "it\'s not the weapon that makes the fighter"(Trunks), this booster makes the fighter the weapon. Then the weights in your gym will learn "what it means to fight a real Super Saiyan...

And that doesn\'t mean Goku!"

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