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Benlee Mouthguard "Breath"

Benlee Mouthguard "Breath"



Product information "BREATH"

This 2-component mouthguard consists of a shock-absorbing outer rubber and a malleable gel insert. The intelligently designed rubber exterior has integrated air channels and a profiled bite surface to prevent slipping. The gel insert can be shaped by heating and, thanks to its soft and cushioning properties, provides a comfortable and secure fit. This well thought out mouthguard comes with an equally well thought out and ventilated mouthguard case. Easy to use, put the new mouthguard in hot water (90-95°C) for 30 seconds, bite on it and let it harden in cold water.
You can find detailed instructions for use and care on the back of the pack.
Suitable for martial arts and other full contact sports (without a helmet).

BenLee and Rocky Marciano both names come from the history of boxing. Rocky, The All-Time Champ, appreciated the innovation and quality of BenLee products.


  • Thermoplastic / Thermoplastic Gel
  • incl. container

Available in orange/black, transparent, yellow, blue/transparent, blue/white. One size fits all

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