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Benlee "Heavy Boxing Trainer"

Benlee "Heavy Boxing Trainer"


BenLee "Rocky Marciano" Heavy Boxing Trainer is a freestanding punching bag with a hitting area of 62.5x32cm. The punching bag is filled with foam and can be adjusted in height between 150 -170 cm. The floor container, which can be filled with water up to 60kg, ensures a stable hold. A heavy and just as stable spring at the bottom of the foot provides the movement.

The freestanding punching bag is good for both studio and home use. Perfect for training punching techniques, combos and endurance. Also good for 360° all-round training, partner training and fitness training. So super versatile.

BenLee and Rocky Marciano both names come from the history of boxing. Rocky "The All-Time Champ" appreciated the innovation and quality of BenLee products.


  • Face 62.5cm with 32cm cross section
  • 360° all-round training
  • Height adjustable 150-170cm
  • foam filling
  • Container 62x28cm approx. 60L content
  • Suitable for boxing and other types of combat training
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