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Benlee freestanding punching ball

Benlee freestanding punching ball


The Reflex Punch Bag is perfect for the beginner boxer or fitness enthusiast who wants a great workout while also training accuracy, timing and distance. Completely free standing, the punch bag can be conveniently placed wherever you need it. The foam-filled punching bag does not need to be inflated and is ready for use immediately after unpacking. Develop the speed of a pro and keep hitting.

The free-standing punching bag is perfect for training punching techniques, combos and endurance. Also good for 360° all-round training, partner training and fitness training. So super versatile.

BenLee and Rocky Marciano both names come from the history of boxing. Rocky "The All-Time Champ" appreciated the innovation and quality of BenLee products.


  • Impact surface approx. 30cm
  • Solid foam boxing pear, so not to be pumped up.
  • 360° all-round training
  • Height adjustable 155-180cm
  • Container 43x23cm WxH approx. 28L content
  • Suitable for boxing and other types of combat training

Available in black as shown.

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