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Body Attack L-Carnitine Shots 20x25ml - Citrus

Body Attack L-Carnitine Shots 20x25ml - Citrus


  • L-carnitine ampoules for maximum effect
  • High quality CarnipureTM from Lonza
  • 1,000 mg L-Carnitine for Ampoules


The Body Attack L-Carnitine Shots are ampoules that contain 100% pure and natural L-Carnitine in liquid form and are free of any additives. The L-carnitine used in this product is the branded raw material Carnipure, which stands for the special purity of the active ingredient.



Since athletes in particular have an increased energy requirement, especially if they do without L-carnitine-rich food such as meat, an undersupply can occur. L-carnitine intake can also be useful for vegans and strict vegetarians.

Even people who eat an unbalanced diet can benefit from the effect of the vitamin-like food supplement in the form of shots - for example in phases of a diet or with a general aversion to animal foods. A Body Attack Shot (25 ml ampoule) contains 1,000 mg of the best quality L-carnitine.

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