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Body Attack Water Bottle - Wasserflasche XXL - 2,2 Liter

Body Attack Water Bottle - Wasserflasche XXL - 2,2 Liter



Declare war on your thirst! Whether it\'s blatant free weight training, a sweaty CrossFit unit or your daily cardio unit - theBody Attack Water Bottle XXLis your strong sports drinking bottle in jumbo format. A whopping 2.2 liters fit into this water bottle. Do you like it colourful? We also! That\'s why we meet with thedifferent colors and designsalso guarantees your taste. Whether visually or in terms of content - withmore than 2 liters volumethis stylish water jug is a real eye-catcher during your training.

  • 2.2 liters volume
  • 100% leakproof
  • BPA & DEHP free



The Water Bottle XXL is the perfect choice to support the following goals:

  • To quench your great thirst during training
  • Ideal for the daily intake of BCAA or EAA
  • Perfect for muscle building or definition goals


For whom is the Water Bottle XXL suitable?

  • fitness athlete
  • athletes
  • Strength or endurance athletes
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