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All Stars Glutamin Powder, 300 g Dose, Neutral

All Stars Glutamin Powder, 300 g Dose, Neutral


  • Micro-instantized glutamine powder with 5000 mg of ultra-pure L-glutaminee per serving. Optimized with 1000 mg whey peptides (for maximum bioavailability). Value pack with 50 servings. Tasteless. Very soluble!

    Consumption recommendation:

    Mix 6 g powder (1 measuring spoon = 1 serving) with 200 ml water in a shaker. 1 serving daily (more if needed), preferably with breakfast, before or after training.

    The product is not suitable for children and pregnant women. Keep out of reach of small children. Make sure you have a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.


    Contains milk, soy, traces of gluten

    Nutritional information:

      Pro 100 g 9g in 300ml of water
    calorific value 1439 kJ 129 kJ
      342 kcal 30,8 kcal
    fat 0,9 g <0,1 g
    hereof: saturated fatty acids 0,7 g <0,1 g
    carbohydrates 4,8 g 0,4 g
    of which sugars 1,3 g 0,1 g
    protein 63,9 g 5,8 g
    salt 2,7 g 0,2 g
    Glutamin 55,5 g 5000 mg
    Whey Protein Peptid 11,1 g 1000 mg


    Glutamine, Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Peptide/Concentrate.


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