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Blackline 2.0 Core Creatin Monohydrate 500g Dose

Blackline 2.0 Core Creatin Monohydrate 500g Dose


  • 500g
  • pure creatine monohydrate
  • 100% Made in germany
  • high purity
  • 100 daily servings


Creatine with top solubility for optimal training performance

Creatine is part of the creatine phosphate system and represents an elementary substrate for muscular energy supply. Although it is also found in large quantities, for example in red meat, this is not sufficient to completely fill the muscular creatine stores. This can be remedied by additional supplementation.
The advantage: An increase in explosive power and the ability to handle higher loads during training for a longer period of time. This allows you to set better growth stimuli and increase muscular hypertrophy. Furthermore, it has a neuroprotective effect (so offers a certain protection against Alzheimer\'s, Parkinson\'s etc.), supports the cell membrane and can even have a slight anti-depressive effect in women.
It is also one of the best-researched dietary supplements and has no adverse effects. You neither draw extracellular water, nor does it damage the heart or kidneys or cause erectile dysfunction. Your status as "natty" is not affected by this either. Likewise, no loading phase or intake directly before/after the workout is necessary. Since creatine first has to build up a store in the muscle (continuous intake for approx. 1-2 weeks). there is no immediate effect with creatine.
A loading phase, as was often propagated in the past, is also not necessary (unless you absolutely want to spend more money than necessary). If you forget to take it, that\'s not a problem either, since the said stores take up to a week to be emptied. A creatine cycle is also not required. The stuff is not a steroid, you can take it continuously without worrying about any adverse effects.
Likewise, it is not necessary to take creatine with carbohydrates, even without insulin it can easily get into the muscle. The recommended daily dose is 3-5g, e.g. in water or as part of your shake.

Creatine myths

creatine and caffeine

Creatine pulls water into the muscle and caffeine dehydrates, so caffeine used to be said to pull water out of creatine. BULLSHIT! It used to be said that the earth was flat.

Creatine and Kidney Damage

Creatine binds water and that\'s why you should drink a lot, otherwise the kidneys will be burdened. In any case, you should drink a lot. A strain on the kidneys has not yet been proven. Again bullshit here!

Creatine and water retention

If you take 5g every day, you will not have any water retention, except in the muscles and that\'s why you take our core creatine

creatine and diarrhea

... only occurs if you take too much creatine. With 5g a day you are absolutely on the safe side.

Creatine and loading phase

There is not any. 5g every day, after 7-10 days you will gradually notice that your muscles are getting tighter and you have more strength / endurance. If you use a loading phase as previously propagated, you take 20-50g a day instead of 5g... Then it starts after 3-5 days, but you will also get side effects. Diarrhea, stomach pain, pimples, etc. In addition, you have used 5-10 times the amount of creatine and at the end of the day you do NOT have more muscles than with a continuous intake of 5g.

Creatine and weaning

Rubbish! Just take 5g of creatine until the end of your days... Done!

How to take Core Creatine Monohydrate correctly:

After each workout 5g creatine (one spoon). If necessary, an additional 3g can be taken before the workout. Dietary supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of small children

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