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Blackline 2.0 Core L-Citrullin Malat Pulver 300g Dose

Blackline 2.0 Core L-Citrullin Malat Pulver 300g Dose


L-citrulline malate, from our Core series, is manufactured and packaged in Germany and, like everything that leaves our warehouse, meets the highest quality standards. Citrulline malate is suitable for vegans and ideal for daily use. This practical 300g can contains about 100 daily portions.


The perfect pump for melon-sized biceps (and a whole lot more ;))!

Veins as wide as your index finger. The muscle tense and under extreme tension. Just before bursting. A really good pump can feel like this or something similar. Just the mention of it can cause a dry mouth, teary eyes and flushing in the die-hard gym fans. And "good old Arnie" also described the pump as "better than an orgasm". The fact is, almost everyone wants it.

All sorts of substances are claimed to improve the pump during training, but only a few actually do it. One of these substances that are #nobullshit-proved is the non-proteinogenic amino acid L-citrulline, which was first isolated from watermelon (Latin: citrullus). This amino acid, bound to malic acid in the form of citrulline malate, is converted to L-arginine and L-ornithine in the kidneys after supplementation. This makes it more effective and more sustainable for increasing the arginine level than the supplementation of L-arginine itself, which only causes a short increase in the serum. As a result, it is able to sustainably raise the nitric oxide level, which leads to improved blood circulation (and can also increase the "pump").
As a result, supplementation improves endurance and reduces fatigue in both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

It also reduces DOMS phenomena ("muscle soreness") through improved regeneration. Furthermore, the improved blood circulation can acutely increase strength during training. This means that the amino acid is much more than just a pure "pump" supplement, it can certainly give your workout the necessary "edge" to break through plateaus and achieve new PB\'s (no, not peanut butter). As a little icing on the cake, it is also capable of increasing GH release in combination with training that\'s not cool.

But not only in sports does it offer a number of advantages. By continuously improving blood circulation, it effectively prevents the constriction of important blood vessels, improves heart function, lowers blood pressure and - all men beware - can also provide the necessary "pump" for erectile dysfunction *cough*. The in citrulline malate The malic acid it contains offers other nice effects, for example it reduces lactate production, which leads to the termination of fatigue during intensive, anaerobic exercise, and helps to optimize aerobic energy synthesis, making citrulline malate the perfect synergy supplement.

For a performance-enhancing effect, it is recommended to take 6-8g about 1 hour before the start of training. To achieve further benefits, 3g are enough, divided into 3 individual doses a day.

Disclaimer: No humans, animals or watermelons were harmed for this product.

How to take Core L-Citrulline Malate correctly:

Put 3g (half a spoon (enclosed) with 200ml water in a shaker, shake and drink daily in the morning and/or 30 minutes before training. Dietary supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The indicated, recommended daily The consumption quantity must not be exceeded.Keep out of the reach of small children!

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