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Blackline 2.0 Core Glyco Pump Booster - Glycerol Powder - 200g

Blackline 2.0 Core Glyco Pump Booster - Glycerol Powder - 200g


you want thatbest pump, but you\'re not in the mood for boosters where you combine the single portion with theKnock off pickaxehave to?Glycopumpis aparticularly high-quality branded active ingredient, welicensedshop and for you in Dfill germanypermit.Glycopumpget you thatPump of your life!



Here we have something special for you again. Our new GlycoPump®, a branded ingredient with 65% glycerin, will give you what Arnie would probably describe as "continuous, multiple orgasm". As little as 700mg increases intramuscular volume, increases cytoplasmic concentration and gives you a pump, like you\'ve never known it before. However, we recommend taking at least 2g of this new "super drug" about 1.5 hours before your next workout.

As already mentioned, the new addition to our core line is bottled in Germany according to the usual #sinob quality criteria.

How to take Core GlycoPump 65% correctly:

2g to 500ml of water

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