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Blackline 2.0 Flasty Flavor Powder - 250g

Blackline 2.0 Flasty Flavor Powder - 250g



You don\'t like lean quark? Grainy cream cheese stays straight in the supermarket? Then test our inulin-based flavor system NOW. Great taste and really good values. 9kcal per portion turn boring dairy products into a treat! Choose your favorite flavor from 25 different Flastys or vary it day by day!


Tasty, tastier… FLASTY

You get the horror of pure lean quark. You have to choke down cottage cheese and ever since youno sugarIf you use more, do cakes or pancakes taste kind of bland? Sure, who doesn\'t want to live a healthy life and have a crunchy body, but who wants to do without all the delicious snacks and meals to do so. Exactly our opinion. That\'s why you no longer have to choose between great taste and a six-pack with our Flastys. With ourAroma powderyou can transport your meals into completely new taste spheres without unnecessary calories. It\'s not just your plain low-fat quark that becomes a taste bomb with the Flastys. They are also suitableideal for baking, since they are also unlike aroma dropsbaking and heat stableare. While Nils and Ben still bluntly pound them into low-fat quark and yoghurt, @alicewunderszauberzeug or @tabithaschr uses them for creations that are on a completely different planet in terms of level (so take a look at the ladies and leave a subscription there if you want to know what else you can do with our Flastys).

With 25 different varieties and always new, crazy tastes in the pipeline, there is guaranteed to be no monotony at the dining table. So "the good in life" goes without the fattening follow-up song. And the aspect of immorality... well, let\'s be honest: is a bit of dirt really that bad?

How to take Flasty Hazelnut correctly:


Quark / Skyr etc:Mix one measuring spoon (approx. 3 g) with 250-300 g quark and 30 ml water/mineral water/milk etc.
Protein powder:Mix one scoop (approx. 4 g) with 30 g protein powder in 300 ml water/milk.

You can use your Flasty\'s for all kinds of food, there are no limits to your imagination.


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