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novagenics "Legendary Training Programs" - Dr. dr Juergen Gießing

novagenics "Legendary Training Programs" - Dr. dr Juergen Gießing


"Legendary Training Programs" - Dr. dr Juergen Gießing

Muscle building from classic bodybuilding to HIT

Legendary training plans from Classic Bodybuilding

Find out how the best bodybuilders of all time achieved their sensational form: Prof. Dr. Gießing examines the original training plans of legendary bodybuilders in the light of modern training science and explains why these old-school training plans were so successful. Read...:

  • The training plan that made Frank Zane go down in history as the embodiment of symmetrical muscle development: not only did he win every major bodybuilding title (Mr. America, Mr. Universum, three times Mr. Olympia), he also regularly beat athletes who were half a hundredweight heavier;
  • how Sergio Oliva, one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, changed his training routine after winning three Mr. Olympias to get himself in the best shape of his life;
  • which training program the young Arnold Schwarzenegger used to lay the foundation for his later dominance in bodybuilding;
  • how Dorian Yates persisted, used a training method that was very controversial at the time and qualified for the World Games just two years (!) after his first strength training session;
  • which biceps and triceps training Boyer Coe used to win the special cup for "best arms" in every competition he competed in;
  • which 9-minute leg workout gave Casey Viator the best muscle gain of his life;
  • how a professional helped determine top bodybuilding for years despite extremely low training weights and made it to second place at the Mr. Olympia;
  • which diet and training changes the multiple Mr. Universe Bill Pearl achieved his greatest successes with;
  • the amazing fact why different athletes with completely different training programs have found success.

Old school bodybuilding, but still up to date from a modern point of view of training science: The groundbreaking training plans of John Grimek, the first Mr. Universe; the training that made Steve Reeves famous as "Hercules" in Hollywood; like Reg Park, Arnold\'s great role model who dominated bodybuilding for so long; as well as the development of HIT and the first high-intensity programs (Heavy Duty) by Ray Mentzer, Mike Mentzer, Casey Viator and others. Use the knowledge of the bodybuilding legends for your training! With more than 30 rare photos and many proven training plans of legendary bodybuilders from five decades.

Table of Contents "Legendary Training Programs" - Dr. dr Juergen Gießing

The most important terms


1.    Muscle Beach wasn\'t the birthplace of bodybuilding

  • The development in the USA
  • The further development in Germany
  • "Mr. Universe" and the Olympic Games in London

2.   John Grimek: The first "Mr. Universe"

3.   Steve Reeves: Bodybuilding\'s First Movie Star

4.    Reg Park: role model of Arnold Schwarzenegger

5.    Bill Pearl: Successful in three decades

6.    Freddy Ortiz: "Little Big Man"

7.    Frank Zane: Symmetric muscle development

8.    Sergio Oliva: The Myth

9.   Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Early Training

10.   Serge Nubret: The Black Panther

11.    Casey Viator: High Intensity Training

12.    Mike & Ray Mentzer: Heavy Duty

13.    Boyer Coe: Sensational arms from HIT

14.    Dorian Yates: The Return of the HIT

15.    The optimal training program from the point of view of sports science

  • Right or wrong?
  • Basic Principles
  • Implications for training practice
  • Many roads lead to Olympus
  • Secrets of success that actually aren\'t


List of illustrations:

  • Cover photo: Frank Zane

Fig. 1 Jimmy Caruso and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Fig. 2 Malcolm Whyatt
Fig. 3 Benno Dahmen
Fig. 4 Wayne Gallasch and Sergio Oliva
Fig. 5 "Mr. Universum" 1961: 68 athletes on stage
Fig. 6John Grimek

abb. 7 Steve Reeves
Fig. 8 Reg Park, Sergio Oliva & Bill Pearl
Fig. 9 Reg Park, Sergio Oliva & Bill Pearl
Abb. 10 Sean Connery
Fig. 11 Bill Pearl & Arnold Schwarzenegger
Fig. 12 Bill Pearl, Reg Park & Sergio Oliva
Fig. 13 Freddy Ortiz
Fig. 14 Frank Zane, Bill Pearl, Reg Park & Sergio Oliva
Abb. 15   Frank Zane, Dennis Tinnerino, Tony Emmott & Boyer Coe
Abb. 16 Frank Zane, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sergio Oliva, Serge Nubret & Franco Columbo
Abb. 17 Sergio Oliva
Abb. 18 Sergio Oliva & Arnold Schwarzenegger
Fig. 19 Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chester Yorton & Various
Fig. 20 Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chester Yorton & Various
Abb. 21 Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dennis Tinnerino, Jaques Louvier & Serge Nubret
Abb. 22   Arnold Schwarzenegger, Reg Park & Dave Draper
Fig. 23 Serge Nubret
Fig. 24 Serge Nubret & Sigeru Nugita
Fig. 25 Casey Viator
Fig. 26 Mike Mentzer
Fig. 27 Mike & Ray Mentzer
Abb. 28 Boyer Coe & Jean Galston
Fig. 29 Boyer Coe
Fig. 30 Boyer Coe
Fig. 31 Dorian Yates
Fig. 32 Dorian Yates


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  • 232 pages
  • 32 s / in Photos
  • 44 training programs.
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