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novagenics "HIT - new & improved" - Jürgen Gießing

novagenics "HIT - new & improved" - Jürgen Gießing


"HIT - new & improved" - Jürgen Gießing

The new high-intensity workout for fast muscle building

More is not better! Did you know that too much training is more detrimental to muscle growth than too little training? Sports science has now determined very precisely how long effective training for muscle building must take and how often you should train for it.

The completely revised, significantly expanded new edition of the very successful book by Prof. Dr. dr Jürgen Gießing gives precise instructions on how to invest less time but build muscle faster: The new high-intensity training (HIT) enables optimal muscle building with short but extremely effective training units. The muscles are only challenged briefly and intensively with optimal exercises, which allows for better regeneration and rapid muscle growth!

In fact, enormous muscle growth can be achieved with HIT with just two to four short training sessions per week! An hour or two of proper training a week will do a lot better than slogging in the gym for hours every day!

In addition, there are pronounced cardiovascular adaptations in HIT. This means: endurance performance and the cardiovascular system are also trained effectively with HIT - without special cardio training! Even the maximum strength, the speed and jumping power as well as the flexibility are demonstrably significantly increased by HIT.

That may sound unbelievable - train less, but achieve much better results in muscle building and other performance parameters? This book explains exactly how it works. HIT expert Prof. Jürgen Gießing explains how you can use HIT and the latest scientific findings to make your training much more effective. Based on 229 sources and the experiences of successful competitive athletes, new and optimized HIT training plans are presented. It becomes clear how easy and little time-consuming effective training for muscle building and enormous physical fitness can be. In addition, it explains why, with optimal training quality, neither large amounts of calories ("mass phase") nor expensive nutritional supplements are necessary.

With this book, no questions remain unanswered: All aspects of muscle training are explained in detail and precise instructions are given for an effective training structure with HIT: How the HIT creates an anabolic stimulus, how the weights are determined, the ideal duration of a repetition and the best number of repetitions per Set, the optimal length of rest between sets and exercises, the number of training sessions per week, the minimum frequency for effective muscle building training and much more.

The enhanced HIT, as described in this book, engages both types of muscle fibers - the slow and fast twitch fibers - very effectively: another reason why it induces muscle growth so quickly. Current studies show that even a cool-down after training is not necessary. This saves even more time during training!

In addition, it is excitingly described why high training volumes ("volume training") and extensive split programs are so common in weight training and why the HIT concept, which has been known for decades, has repeatedly faded into the background.

If you want to build muscle quickly, increase your strength significantly and at the same time improve endurance, flexibility and jumping power, you shouldn\'t do without the HIT. Get the fun of training back with the HIT - with just a few short training units per week and great success!


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  • 44 tables (including 23 training programs)
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