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novagenics "Super Arme" - Dr. Ellington Darden

novagenics "Super Arme" - Dr. Ellington Darden


"Super Arme" - Dr. Ellington Darden

Mass training for biceps, triceps & forearms.

dr Darden shows you how to explosively grow biceps, triceps and forearms

dr Ellington Darden\'s book "Super Arms" provides an unbeatable workout plan for building arm muscles. Learn how to trigger explosive arm growth! Dr. Darden examines the arm development of the great bodybuilding champions and shows how the physical Predisposition to develop 50 cm arms Recognized proven mass exercises of the strength sports stars form the basis for a holistic program to build mass for biceps, triceps and forearms.

dr Darden presents a super slow training that triggers a targeted growth spurt for the arm muscles. The special combination of heavy full-body training, supportive exercises and pyramid-shaped arm training puts the biceps, triceps and forearms under the greatest possible stress without resulting in overtraining. Biceps training and triceps training do not stand alone, but are integrated into a system that optimally supports the training of the upper arms and forearms.

follow dr Darden\'s exact training plan for each and every day of the program: In just six weeks you too can achieve bigger, stronger and more defined arms. "Super Arms" provides an exact training plan, precise exercise descriptions and special techniques for a high-intensity training program.

With 90 photos of legends like Oliva, Viator, Schwarzenegger, and others...

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