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novagenics "HIT high-intensity training" - Dr. dr Juergen Gießing

novagenics "HIT high-intensity training" - Dr. dr Juergen Gießing


"HIT high-intensity training" - Dr. dr Juergen Gießing

High Intensity Training (HIT)
Optimized system for rapid muscle building.

High-intensity training (HIT) ensures rapid muscle growth in the shortest possible time: the bodybuilder achieves better results with less and less frequent training! with dr Gießing\'s modified HIT training achieves better results than with the well-known heavy duty training, not to mention volume training.

Who wouldn\'t want to build muscle extremely fast? It really works! With this HIT system, two to a maximum of three very short training sessions per week are completely sufficient to stimulate maximum muscle growth. More training would result in overtraining for most athletes after just a few weeks. Due to the correct sequence of the exercises, short breaks between the sets and hard intensity techniques, these short training units are incredibly intense. But the results convince the harshest critics: such a rapid increase in muscle size and strength that no other training system can offer. In fact, the stress on the muscles and nervous system is so high that more training would only have the opposite effect: overtraining and muscle loss!

For all bodybuilders and strength athletes

If you want to build muscle quickly, High Intensity Training (HIT) is the solution! Contrary to the opinion that is often expressed, HIT training is more suitable than any other program for all bodybuilders and strength athletes. Because every athlete can, according to Dr. Put Gießing\'s guidance into the workout with the intensity he\'s capable of. The level of intensity can be increased and the body quickly learns to give more. This also increases the effectiveness of HIT training. This book not only provides one HIT training plan, but several - this ensures variety.

at Dr. Giessing\'s modified HIT training plans also include important insights into volume training. For example, "adaptation phases" - training units with more sets and repetitions between HIT cycles - prove to be the best preparation for building up more muscle mass. Dr. Gießing provides sophisticated training plans for this.

Much more about the HIT training

In addition, this book provides new facts about the history of this form of training and explains the theories behind high-intensity training. He evaluates the advances that famous bodybuilders like Viator, Mentzer and Yates have brought to this training system and contrasts the results with the latest findings in training science.

dr Gießing\'s modified HIT training is a program that strength athletes can use immediately in the studio. It\'s packed with precise guidance on how to determine training weights, how to reliably measure progress, how to spot overtraining early, how best to recover from a HIT cycle, and when it\'s time for the next. With precise training plans, suggestions for periodization and many tips and tricks for the most effective HIT system that has ever existed.


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