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VALHALLA Gods Rage Stimbooster - 400g

VALHALLA Gods Rage Stimbooster - 400g


Valhalla - Gods Rage
With the help of the potion of the Norse gods, become an invincible warrior whose strength is so brute and whose stamina so superior that he is worthy during the last and hardest battles that after three years will mark the end of the world and as Ragnarök in history will go down fighting alongside the gods against the giants.

Product highlights

  • Insane, skin-busting pump that will turn rock-hard muscles into a fearsome mountain of pumped-up muscle mass, riddled with protruding, wildly pumping veins
  • Maximum increase in your brute strength, which will transform every movement of your muscles into a veritable inferno of death and destruction
  • Extreme increase in your muscular endurance and maximum delay in your muscle exhaustion, so that you can survive even the toughest and longest battles with maximum fighting power
  • Razor-sharp focus, maximum concentration and the fastest possible responsiveness, which allow you to react correctly to any unforeseen event within fractions of a second
  • Optimization and maximum acceleration of your regeneration to get you ready for the next brutal fight as quickly as possible
  • Maximum delivery of oxygen, essential nutrients and your body\'s own anabolic hormones to your hard-working, hungry muscles
  • Utilizes two independent pathways to maximize your nitric oxide production, the effects of which stack without loss
  • Fastest possible neutralization and removal of toxic metabolic products that could accelerate the onset of your muscle fatigue
  • Maximizing your intramuscular carnosine levels to nip any hyperacidity impairing muscle performance in the bud
  • Increased ATP production during hard muscular effort
  • Reducing oxygen demand and increasing VO2max during brutal and unforgiving battles
  • Improving the coordination of your muscle contractions for more powerful and precise movements
  • Significant increase in your body\'s production of muscle-building hormones
  • Boosting the production of muscle-building hormones while inhibiting the undesirable effects of estrogen to make you the toughest, manliest warrior on the battlefield
  • Boost muscle protein synthesis rate and stimulate muscle hypertrophy for extreme gains in rock-hard, awesome muscle mass
  • Glycogen sparing effects by increasing the use of body fat as an energy source for your hard-working muscles
  • Maximum hydration of your muscle cells for maximum performance
  • Reduction of elevated catabolic cortisol levels to protect your muscles and speed up your recovery
  • Neutralizing free radicals that are inevitably generated during hard muscle exertion to protect your muscles and your DNA from damage and accelerate your recovery.
  • Reduction of muscle damage during hard muscular exertion and accelerated healing of muscle damage ""The land to the east of Tanaquisl was called Asaheim; but the main castle that was in the land they called Asgard... Preordained by the prophecy of the Norns, arrived at the Gate of Shadowthorns, he saw Odin\'s ravens soar, raising their wings against the cold."

Are you ready for the battle of the gods?

Intake recommendation
Nordmann, dissolve 15g (1 scoop) of powder in 200-300ml of water 30-45 minutes before training and drink it! Do not exceed 2 servings 30g (2 scoops) in 24 hours.

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